3 Reasons Why I Love Microsoft OneNote

microsoft one note

microsoft onenote

Microsoft OneNote Sync Across Devices

That’s right, it connects to all my devices which is one reason why I really appreciate the software.

This means that I can open it up on my phone and type something. When I get home, I can open up my notebook on my computer and see the same notes that I just typed on my phone.

Also, because Microsoft just launched office for free on the iPad, I can now make these edits on my tablet and they will sync to both my phone and my computer.

Tagging and Search

The search is instant and accurate. You can quickly search for content that you’ve added and it immediately shows up.

Even better, if you tag something as a to-do item or a tagged item, you can find those items very quickly.

Input Flexibility

I can put information into my notes in whatever way I want to. For example, if I want to voice talk into my mobile phone, the voice input will quickly dictate into the notes that I intend.

In other words, whether I’m typing, talking, or writing with a stylus, it is very easy to input content into OneNote.

Even further, after I’ve inputted the content, it’s very easy to manipulate the content. I can rearrange it, order it, and organize it in a way that makes the most sense for me.

How Do You Take Notes?

I am constantly seeking ways to improve productivity for both personal and businesses. How are you staying organized?

3 Reasons I’m Thankful For Starbucks To Go Cups

So if you follow me on Instagram at all, you’ll see that I already posted my #100happydays challenge for today. What I am thankful for is Starbucks to go cups.

There are a lot of reasons why I like these things and why they make me happy, but I’ll only post the top 3 reasons why I’m grateful for Starbucks to go cups.

1. Saves Me Money

That’s right, did you know that they save you 10 cents on every refill? Each cup costs $1 and so that means you only need 10 refills to make your money back.

Plus, if you drink as much Starbucks as I do, it will soon be well worth it.

It might seem little at first, but it all adds up. I am learning more and more that the little things that happen day in and day out are the habits that build up the foundations for our success.

Even though saving 10 cents might seem silly, after 10 times you have 1 dollar and after 100 times you have 10 dollars. Little by little you can save money on the habit that you already have.

2. Easy To Hold

The coffee bug is really easy to hold. This also might sound silly, but there are a lot of coffee cups and containers in general that are simply difficult to hold.

The Starbucks to go cup is really easy to hold and it does not burn you when you hold hot coffee.

One of my thermoses literally feels like holding a hot coal after you have poured coffee in to it. Plus, an extra bonus is that the Starbucks sleeves fit right into the container!

3. Easy To Drink

Again, it’s the little things. This glass is convenient to place in cup holders and other spots where regular coffee cups do not fit.

More importantly however, the lid on the glass stays securely fastened to the top of the cup, unlike the normal paper cups.

Finally, the lid has a little hole which allows air to flow into the glass so that you can drink continuously without any suction. Again, it’s the little things.

What about you?

So that’s it! Tell me about your Starbucks experience? I posted a picture of what these cups look like below so you can check them out yourself.

Have you tried the new pumpkin spice lattes yet? Let me know what you think! #100happydays is really just about being thankful and grateful for the little things in life.

Even though this is one of those little things in life, I am happy because these cups save me money, they are easy to hold, and they make drinking coffee convenient.

My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


What Is ALS?

Before you can really understand the meaning behind ALS, you need to understand what ALS actually is and what it represents.

Of course you could do a Google Search and find out immediately that the ALSA.org web site is a major resource representing the ALS Association.

In short, Lou Gehrig brought national attention to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which is also closely associated with the professional baseball player. The disease is progress in nature, meaning the effects start out slowly and then spread to rapidly affect the nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cords.

The motor neurons that spread from the spinal cord throughout the muscles in the entire body start to degenerate which leads to loss of voluntary movement. The progressive nature of the disease causes patients to be paralyzed and eventually leads to death.

Who Started The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Anytime something like this happens in a viral fashion, I am always curious who started this and what are the foundations.

Just like any other news or information, you want to do thorough research and validate among many sources by cross referencing the articles that you read. Never believe everything you read on the Internet. In other words, take everything with a grain of salt and realize that some things might just be completely false.

There are always three sides to the story: this side, the other side, and the truth. So now that you have that disclaimer, here’s what I found.

Often, Wikipedia is a great base for general knowledge and tends to be vetted by a number of people. Although, many researchers, librarians, and historians do not consider Wikipedia as a legitimate source.

As a result, I often look to Wikipedia as a source of information which then can point me int he right direction. They have a whole post on the Ice Bucket Challenge and credit the beginning of this challenge to Pete Frates who was diagnosed in 2012.

Tips For Taking The Challenge

  1. Since this is a social challenge, it’s certainly appropriate to use hash tags. Here are the most popular ice bucket challenge hash tags: #icebucketchallenge, #ALSicebucketchallenge, and #strikeoutALS.
  2. Be safe when doing the challenge. Too many people have already hurt themselves doing the challenge. It doesn’t do any good to hurt yourself or others trying to raise awareness for a disease. If you are a small child, elderly, have poor health, an animal, or disabled please use tremendous caution and greatly consider abandoning the ice bucket challenge.
  3. Consider your surroundings and water usage. Many countries and geographic locations are affected by drought and other forms of water scarcity so please, make a donation instead of it makes more sense.

Here’s My Video

Here’s my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I love social challenges and donate regularly to non-profit organizations including the ministries of my close friends. It took me weeks to complete the challenge after being challenged, however with the support of close friends and family I have finally challenged others.


100 Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness



100 Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness

So have you heard of the #100happydays challenge that’s going around on social media? Well I have barely heard of the concept; however today when I was thinking of ideas to blog about I thought about how easy it would be to blog about 100 things that I am happy and/or thankful for.

So if you haven’t heard of 100 Happy Days, go check out the story. And if that isn’t enough, maybe you can read about Dmitry Golubnichy, who appeared on the Today show, and started this concept.


It’s been scientifically proven that grateful people who are thankful, live a more purposeful and fulfilling life. An “attitude of gratitude” is the way to approach life. There are so many benefits to living a life of happiness.

So I got to be thinking, perhaps writing 100 blogs would be a great idea. I mean, it would help me accomplish my challenge of writing 365 blogs in 52 weeks, but even better, why not post things that I am thankful for.

On top of all of that…

Today happens to be September 22nd… and ironically enough, there are 100 days left in the year (precisely 100, that’s right, I looked it up on WikiPedia). So, starting today, I am going to post about 100 things that I am grateful for and happy for.

The First Day

The first thing I am happy for is my parents. They have taught me everything and spent 18 years raising me to adulthood.

Through thick and thin they have stayed together and I am very happy and thankful for the foundations that they setas parents.

First, it was a foundation of love but most important, it was a foundation of excellence and morality.

The Challenge

Now I would like to challenge YOU as my reader, to join me in the #100happydays challenge and post 100 pictures, posts, status updates, or whatever you want for the next 100 days.

Do you think you can do it? I’d love to have a couple personal accountability partners who want to keep me accountable!

1000 Words A Day

1000 words a day

1000 words a day

It can’t be that hard, right?

One thousand words cannot be that difficult to write. So why 1000?

I recently listened to a podcast about an author who work up every morning and wrote 1000 words before he did anything else. From what I remember, his morning would go like this.

Wake up.

Write 1000 words.

Continue on with day.

So I started thinking about how he was able to accomplish this and I am more than confident that it had to do with a daily habit. He first started to do this habit every day and before he probably realized it, his body and mind were conditioned to writing on a daily basis.

So why doesn’t everyone write 1000 words daily?

I am sure that there are many benefits to writing 1000 words each and every day so why doesn’t everyone do it? Well, my theory is this, and it’s just a theory. I bet that people do not think that writing 1000 words every day has enough value. In other words, people do not write because it doesn’t feel rewarding to them or they do not see any benefit to writing.

But writing can be tremendously liberating. You are able to express your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper, or in the modern age, on a word processor. And then you get to choose what you want to do with those words. You can let the world see them, or you can keep them purely for your own private use.

What is the benefit of writing 1000 words a day?

If you looked at the link above, you’ll read all about how Srinivas Rao does this. So what benefit does Srinivas get from writing so much on a daily basis?

Well, he developed a podcast and has written numerous books. Srinivas is always thinking creatively about life and the world around him. It is my belief that this thinking process has been lost in the modern world of social media and technology at your fingertips.

Not only are people relying on technology to solve problems for them intellectually, but our society is heavily relying on social media to communicate with others, express their feelings, and share their lives with each other.

Now think about what it would be like if everyone was writing 1000 words every day, and then sharing those thoughts and feelings with the people around them instead of through technology? Now this post is not supposed to be a rant about how technology is furiously taking over our lives. Instead, it is more about how the simple concept of “1000 a day” could improve and change the lives of the average individual.

Would you ever try to write 1000 words a day?

Now I bet you are wondering if I am going to try to make this commitment, and I can tell you that that promise would be a very difficult one to accomplish, especially if I am having a hard time simply writing one or two blog posts a week.

But what I can tell you is that writing has a sort of relaxing and mentally relieving healing power that I would encourage you to tap into. Why not try giving writing a try. At the very least you can journal what is going on in your life and how those things affect you on a day to day basis.

Experts do a lot of reading and writing!

I am hearing more and more about how experts provide the most value in the business world and that most experts have been published or have a book of their own. So perhaps this post is a bit of thought about how one would start to write a book and dive into writing.

Plus, I am a bit behind on my blogging commitment and writing 365 blogs in 52 weeks so I am going to be doing a lot of writing this weekend.

Oh, and for anyone who actually got to the bottom of this post, Happy Friday!