My ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

src What Is ALS? Before you can really understand the meaning behind ALS, you need to understand what ALS actually is and what it represents. Of course you could do a Google Search and find out immediately that the web site is a major resource representing the ALS Association.
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100 Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness

100 Days of Gratitude and Thankfulness So have you heard of the #100happydays challenge that’s going around on social media? Well I have barely heard of the concept; however today when I was thinking of ideas to blog about I thought about how easy it would be to blog about
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1000 words a day

1000 Words A Day

It can’t be that hard, right? One thousand words cannot be that difficult to write. So why 1000? I recently listened to a podcast about an author who work up every morning and wrote 1000 words before he did anything else. From what I remember, his morning would go like
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