3 Reasons Expectations Determine Success



1. Expectations Improve Communication

Yes, expectations improve communication. If you set the right expectations with the people around you, your communication will dramatically improve. Think about it the other way around too, if you improve your communication, expectations naturally follow.

Why is communication so important? It’s important because that is how we develop relationships with other people. Another reason why communication is important because it involves the stories that we tell ourselves and others.

2. Expectations Determine Our Reputation

How does everyone know you? If your friends, family, and colleagues had to describe you in 3 words, what would they say? Would you expect their responses to be favorable?

First impressions are an example of setting expectations with someone. In business or in your personal life, having a great first impression could take 20 seconds. After that first impression, you can never change the first impression. So make it a good one!

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3. Expectations Set You Up For Success

If you have read my blog, you know that I firmly believe that success starts with a mindset. No matter how you define success or find value, expectations will help you get there.

This is so simple, but if you are having a hard time understanding, let me paint a clear picture for you. If you tell your mother that you will be over for dinner at 6pm and show up at 6:30pm, she will be very disappointed. However, if you tell your mother that you will show up for dinner at 6:00pm and then arrive at 5:45pm with flowers and chocolate, her response will be completely different.

In the first scenario, depending on your mother, she could be very worried, upset, or angry. But in the second scenario where you show up early, you set an expectation with her and then exceeded that expectation.

Always Exceed Expectations

If you take one thing away from this post, learn to exceed expectations. Since you have the ability to set most expectations, set ones that you can exceed. Not only will you feel good about mini victories and small wins, but you will also make someone else happy.

It doesn’t have to be about your mother or arriving at her house for dinner. It could be about arriving early for an interview or sending out an agenda for a meeting ahead of time. There is a personal and professional application to each of these concepts so I hope that you took something away from it.

What is one way that you have exceeded someone’s expectations? Please post in the comments below!

Setting Routines Lead To Success in Personal & Business Life

Routine Lessons From A Friend

Many years ago a business friend of mine, from a very warm sunny place with a beach, taught me about routine. His name was James and he taught me about routine in the way he fed his pets. Every morning at 8 a.m. he would set out tuna on small pieces of foil for each cat. He would do  the same thing at 4 p.m.

What was really interesting is that I realized is that up a routine for each cat. While he was feeding his cats, he told me that with routine, cats live longer. The specific reason for this had to do with cats developing a biological synchronization with their diet. Their body expected food at the same time every day. As a result, their bodies knew that food would be coming and they could prepare.

Humans Need Routine Too!

Humans, like cats, are animals and biologically our bodies respond to routine. For example, eating every day is one routine. Sleep is another routine that our body demands in order to recuperate and revitalize ourselves. But what most do not realize is that routine sets us up for success. is very important.

Routine sets us up for habit forming, whether they are good habits or bad habits.

Business Routines

In business, routine and schedule define the way the business operates. Especially in accounting cycles, scheduling is tremendously important. We also know that fiscal year end sales cycles could impact weather a business make money or lose money in a year.

Zeroing in from the macro level and looking at the day to day routines are also important. Setting up a daily morning routine will set you up for consistent success. Learn how to knock out the most important thing early in the morning as the first priority.

What are your routines? I’d love to hear about your personal routine and business routines in the comments or on social media!

Things Take Time

Things Take Time

This might seem very obvious, but things take time.

Commitment to Time

If you want to make a commitment anything, it’s going to take time. What that means is that you have to invest personal time to get something done. For example starting a business requires a significant amount of time. In other words, creating success takes investment. That investment is time. To create this time you may sacrifice a lot of things in your life. What that also means is that you have to prioritize the items that are important. I wrote another post about prioritization and doing things right the first time.

I talk about find what’s most important in doing that first period well if you want to get something done and you want to accomplish not then you need to prioritize as number 1 and make a commitment to completing it.

Personal Commitments Requiring Time

Personally I made a commitment to blogging 365 times this year. That was a very strong commitment I made for myself. I think the reason it’s been difficult is because I haven’t earmarked enough time to complete this task every day. And that is why routine is so important.

Having a routine for your personal commitments are a huge factor to actually accomplishing them.

For example one of the authors that I listen to writes 1000 words every morning.  It’s almost like waking up and starting meditation. You want to wake up and start the most important task the first thing after you wake up.  After you accomplished that task in the morning then you can work on the rest of the day.

Why Time Is Important

The next thing I want to talk about is time. It is our most valuable asset and our most limited resource. Some people have all the time in the world but do not use their time wisely. How do you use your time? How do you make the most of every minute?

Setting a schedule and a routine helps you accomplish your goals. Whether you want to reach a personal goal or accomplish something in your career, both of these take time.

What I am starting to realize is that if you want to do something right and you want to do something well, you have to invest mind power and time. Perhaps making a commitment to 365 blogs was a bit zealous. And I am very tempted to write quickly and without purpose. But I quickly hasten to write posts, what is the point if they do not make me think or make me consider the reason for writing.

Help Others

Help Others

Help Others

Give give give.

Help Others Through Generosity

Be a generous person. Living a life of generosity is much more rewarding than you might expect. Have you ever heard the advice, “Are you feeling down, well uplift someone else.” So why does that work?

It’s all about gratitude and being thankful for your blessings. Lifting up another person sends positive thoughts through your subconscious mind and that positivity, for lack of other words, “bounces back” to yourself.

Living In A Selfish World

The same is true about helping others. If you find a way to help others, you will eventually be helped out as well. In this selfish world, it doesn’t take long for anyone to realize if you are a good person and whether or not you are helping others.

So if you have a chance to help others, why not help them? If you are truly helping them, then you are helping yourself. At the very least, you will learn about someone’s problem. Learning about someone’s problem helps you understand the struggle of another person.

Finding Purpose and Fulfillment

I want to live a fulfilled, purposeful life. Finding happiness is finding your purpose. From the people who have peace in their life, helping others is one very important component to a purpose driven life!

Routine Requires Discipline and Accountability

You may have noticed that the blog has not been updated in the past week. I have to say it’s been an extremely busy week for me.

Although I haven’t blogged, I have been thinking about a number of topics to post about and I plan to do that in the next day or two and over the weekend. I’ve been in complete learning mode. I’m learning from my mentors and advisors, my friends and peers, and the people that I follow and listen to. Alongside that I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning about these topics.

This post is about routine and how developing good habits requires both accountability and discipline. In order to stick to the commitment you need someone or something to keep you accountable. What this means is that someone holds you responsible for the actions that you have promised. Discipline is the effort and perseverance it takes to continue to do those action day in and day out.

Because the United States of America is built on a society of instant gratification, this discipline might be much harder than in a nation where the citizens work hard and regard working hard highly. I was listening to a psychology podcast the other day about business leadership and goal setting. Some bloggers proclaim that sharing their goals on their blog is what keeps them accountable because they are now responsible to their audience to complete the actions they committed to.

However the expert psychologist that I listen to said that the feeling of accomplishment came from talking about the goal instead of actually doing it. For example posting about a goal to complete a marathon is just as rewarding as actually accomplishing the goal itself. As a result people post their goals on their blog but they never actually do the action that they have committed to.

Perhaps that is maybe what happened to me. Although I do not have a large readership or reader base on my blog yet, I realize that the goal setting was primarily for myself. However writing is very difficult and doing something consistently for the same on a time during the same period of the day is very difficult.

What I further realize is that sometimes in order to get something done you just have to get started and that often starting is much more difficult than you ever imagined. In a world where social media and e-mail rule our lives, it is very easy to get distracted in start doing something else when that is less important than the task at hand. .

So instead of striving to make every single post on this blog perfectly written, I will continue to write but I’m learning about business, marketing, start-ups, and finance.