Life Is All About Perspective


Life is all about perspective.

It’s Friday, it’s sunny.

Today started out in probably the worst way it’s started out in a long time. But if I change my perspective to something positive, perhaps I can look at the start of my day and say “At least it can only get better from here.”

Have you ever looked at something from one point of view and then you rotated the image completely and once you look at it from a different point off view and then noticed something completely different?

For example:

Do you remember this image from your childhood?

old young woman perspective

It was on the back of my milk carton growing up. What do you see when you look at this image? Well, that’s exactly my point. There are two images here so look hard until you see both.

Three Sides To Every Story

You have heard people say, “There are 3 sides to every story.” Well what are those sides? There is “his side” and then there’s “her side” and then there’s “the truth.” So in short, this basically means there is a perspective to every story.

Learning how to understand perspective and tell a good story is really important. This leads to understanding people and building relationships. Would love to hear your perspective on this in the comments below!