Take Baby Steps Toward Real Progress

baby steps on beach white pure

I’ll be very transparent; what was I thinking with this whole 365 blog posts in a year? This is a whole lot harder than I thought! So here’s what’s on my mind. After this blog post, I’ll be 2 blog posts behind and that’s before tomorrow. To be caught up I would need to then write 4 blog posts by tomorrow evening to be right on track.

I Even Wrote A Post About Planning!

That’s right. I even wrote a post about planning ahead of time which helps prevent fear by acting against fear. So what am I afraid of? Well writing is hard. Finding the right images to go with my post is even harder. So maybe part of my planning needs to include a routine time when I can write my blog posts.

Start With Baby Steps

In order to plan a routine, make a habit, and truly change behavior you have to start with something super small. As adults, we walk normally and do not even think twice about walking. But there was a time when we were a baby and had to take each and every step extremely slowly.

So why not return to that state of infancy and care. Why not take a small baby step toward the right direction and before I know it, I’ll be walking and perhaps even running in the right direction. Each step in the right direction is a step in the right direction, right?

Focus On Each Step, Not The Marathon

Running a marathon is not about all 26.2 miles on the day of the race. It is about day in and day out of preparation through training. On the day of the race, the marathon is about taking each step toward accomplishing your goal. You cannot focus on the overwhelming 26 miles that you have to run. Instead, you have to focus on each and every step that will help you get to where you want to go.

So routines are kind of like marathons. You have to plan for them, train consistently, and focus on every step that helps you get to your goal.

Get Started!

It is so true, getting started is half the battle. Once you start something, the momentum it took to start up will continue and carry you through the majority of the task. For me, writing is a way to clear my mind and express myself through written words. Eventually I want to continue providing value to a larger reader base. Practicing this writing will get me one step closer to that goal. One day, I want to speak to a 100,000 people in a stadium on personal growth, personal finance, and business.

The awesome thing about baby steps is that you can change direction really easily. When you are running, it might be hard to take a sharp turn. But if you are walking slowly or very intently, you can easily pivot and turn if you need to. The same is true with goals. If you are heading toward a goal, and reach an obstacle all you have to do is take a baby step in the right direction. Reflection and feedback is a great way to understand when to take the next turn.