Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes

Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes

photo by seahawks

Stay Active

According to Seattle Seahawks super bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson, staying active is the best thing you can do to achieve success. He has definitely stayed active with the catch phrases. Each of them have unique meaning and listening to Russell, you start to understand his winning mentality.

  • “The separation is in the preparation”
  • “100 yards is 100 yards”
  • “Ignore the noise”
  • “Every game is a championship game, and we have to go 1-0 every week”
  • “There’s no time to sleep”

Russell could be a motivational speaker all by himself just with these sound bytes from his press conferences! The main point is that he’s always trying to stay active. He hardly drinks any coffee too! Even though he lives in Seattle and has a Starbucks machine, he doesn’t drink much coffee.

There’s No Time For Sleep

Champions do not sleep, at least not during the week. According to Russell, he works hard Monday through Thursday with 5-6 hours of sleep, usually 6 hours. Then, when Friday comes he sleeps in a little bit. And on Saturday, he gets 10-12 hours of sleep. This sounds like a little bit of a routine, which I just got done writing about recently.

What is he doing during the week? He’s “putting in the work” which means he’s grinding out meetings and action. You can really tell by the way that Wilson talks that he hustles during the week and prepares for his games by staying mentally tough.

You’ve heard of the phrase, “I can sleep when I die.” Well Russell Wilson just sleeps on the weekends. It’s is so obvious to me that success requires mental toughness and perseverance to keep at something even if it’s tough. Hard work pays off and if anything, builds tremendous character.

Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes (K.T.N.)

What? Football players take notes! I have never heard of this before, even though I’ve heard about football players study film over and over in preparation for a big game.

However, after hearing that Russell Wilson tells his team mates to “Keep Taking Notes”, or “K.T.N.” all the pieces come together. Why? This is one of the ways he stays active both physically and mentally. He’s moving his body in taking notes, but also exercising his mind to continue staying focused.

“That keeps my drive there, even when you’re taking notes on something that you’ve already taken notes on a million times – keep taking notes.” -Russell Wilson