Steam of Consciousness 9/9 at 11:11

The time is 11:11 pm and I just made a wish. It’s September 9th and I’m writing a post completely stream of consciousness.

People are so complex!

Anything worth pursuing takes such a heavy investment of time and patience.

You can not help someone if you do not understand their true problem. What is really causing the pain?

Quality furniture is very heavy.

Sometimes strictly organized people need just a little bit of messy in their life to balance everything out.

Perfect balance is very difficult to achieve. So what does that say about compromise?

Things always cost more than you were expecting.

Things always take more time than you were expecting.

If you are planning something, triple the money and double the time.

Never be afraid of who you are and be yourself. But at the same time, understand who you are before you tell everyone who you are.

Keep friends close, keep enemies closer. Visit with acquaintances at the same time.

Sometimes you have to end the day/night and get sleep.

Some things can not wait. Most things can.