Top 5 Reasons to Start a Blog


Blogging is a great way to express yourself. So why haven’t you started your own blog? Is it too difficult to put one together? Have you not made any time for blogging? Below you can find my top 5 reasons why I think everyone who wants to be successful should blog.

1. Blogging relieves stress.

That’s right, believe it or not, verbalizing your thoughts and feelings especially on paper will help you to vocalize yourself. Sometimes, the mere act of writing something down helps you to realize the truth about your words. This can provide further insight into a new perspective that may not have crossed your mind. According to Blog Herald’s article “Why Blogging Can Relieve Stress, blogging leads to reduced stress.

2. Blogging keeps you connected.

Since the world became more connected, it is harder and harder to access people. What if there was a single place where everyone knows where to find you? Try blogging! Not only can you connect with friends and family who may have not kept up with the latest you, others on the net might find your writing interesting as well!

3. Blogging expands your creativity.

Blogging forces you to think and document those thoughts. Communication skills develop quicker when you blog.

Want to stay up to date on the latest trends? Writing a blog forces you to stay up to date.

4. Blogging develops good habits.

At the beginning of every year, people traditionally make resolutions. What happens after a couple of weeks? Those resolutions go right out the door! Blogging regularly will help you form habits and stick to them! Now you can keep track of your goals and ideas in blog format!

5. Blogging opens doors.

Blogging creates opportunities for you that you might not have had before. Through blogging, you will become more confident in expressing your thoughts. With the connected life we live, you can blog from anywhere! Now you can make a difference in people’s lives while fulfilling your own.


Do you have what it takes to start blogging? Why not start today? Put aside the inhibitions you may have had for so long. You can go to and start your free blog today! The audience will eventually come, but starting today is the first step you can take toward liberating both your thoughts and your ideas! For me, I have wanted to journal and blog for the longest time, and now I finally stepped to the plate. If you decide to start blogging, why don’t you let me know! Tweet me @DavidGoecke or post a comment.