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Setting Routines Lead To Success in Personal & Business Life

Routine Lessons From A Friend Many years ago a business friend of mine, from a very warm sunny place with a beach, taught me about routine. His name was James and he taught me about routine in the way he fed his pets. Every morning at 8 a.m. he would set out tuna on small pieces Read More

Help Others

Give give give. Help Others Through Generosity Be a generous person. Living a life of generosity is much more rewarding than you might expect. Have you ever heard the advice, “Are you feeling down, well uplift someone else.” So why does that work? It’s all about gratitude and being thankful for your blessings. Lifting up Read More

Routine Requires Discipline and Accountability

You may have noticed that the blog has not been updated in the past week. I have to say it’s been an extremely busy week for me. Although I haven’t blogged, I have been thinking about a number of topics to post about and I plan to do that in the next day or two Read More

5 Steps To Doing Things Right The First Time

I wrote a blog post yesterday about doing things right the first time and so I thought maybe I should write a very prescriptive outline of how to actually do things right the first time. 1. Pick The Right Things Pick the RIGHT things to do. This means prioritize correctly and choose things that truly Read More

Soak Up Opportunities To Learn

Have you ever met someone who wants to learn something new every day? The question than is how do you set yourself up to learn something new?  Well, you have to have an open mind and always be ready and willing to learn something when the opportunity arrives. Ask Questions Always ask questions to open Read More

Do Things Right The First Time

I’ve warned you, stream of consciousness post. Why? I’m glad you asked. Although it seems obvious, too many times I observe people like to take the “quick and dirty” route. They want to get something done but they don’t want to take the time it takes to do it right. What Happens? You probably already Read More


It’s nice outside. I have tons to do today. But I made a commitment to blog at least 365 times this year so I wanted to write about something many people don’t think about or give a lot of importance to. Why Planning? Perhaps too many people use the phrase strategic planning when they are building Read More