3 Reasons Why I Love Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote

Microsoft OneNote Sync Across Devices

That’s right, it connects to all my devices which is one reason why I really appreciate the software.

This means that I can open it up on my phone and type something. When I get home, I can open up my notebook on my computer and see the same notes that I just typed on my phone.

Also, because Microsoft just launched office for free on the iPad, I can now make these edits on my tablet and they will sync to both my phone and my computer.

Tagging and Search

The search is instant and accurate. You can quickly search for content that you’ve added and it immediately shows up.

Even better, if you tag something as a to-do item or a tagged item, you can find those items very quickly.

Input Flexibility

I can put information into my notes in whatever way I want to. For example, if I want to voice talk into my mobile phone, the voice input will quickly dictate into the notes that I intend.

In other words, whether I’m typing, talking, or writing with a stylus, it is very easy to input content into OneNote.

Even further, after I’ve inputted the content, it’s very easy to manipulate the content. I can rearrange it, order it, and organize it in a way that makes the most sense for me.

How Do You Take Notes?

I am constantly seeking ways to improve productivity for both personal and businesses. How are you staying organized?