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5 Steps To Doing Things Right The First Time

I wrote a blog post yesterday about doing things right the first time and so I thought maybe I should write a very prescriptive outline of how to actually do things right the first time. 1. Pick The Right Things Pick the RIGHT things to do. This means prioritize correctly and choose things that truly Read More

Knowledge Is Power

I will never forget my my 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Mitchell. He graded all of our essays in thick red ink and taught us to think on a global scale. He had this thick laugh that resonated throughout the halls with a sense of authority and command. “Knowledge Is Power” Tee-shirts Mr. Mitchell liked Read More

7 Ways To Apply Self-Discipline Effectively

Having recently posted about , I mentioned that blogging creates good habits.  Well this is only true if you continue to blog and make blogging a routine. To expand on routine, I’ve been pushing myself lately to be driven and disciplined. That is why I specifically chose to focus on self-discipline this month. Now, I realize that half Read More