Made a Content Mistake, Not Afraid to Admit It

Content Mistake

Making a Content Mistake

Yes, you are reading correctly. I made a mistake. This certainly is not the first one, nor will it be the last one. However, I learned that blogging every day is very taxing and releasing relevant, quality content is actually really hard.

So much so, that I have stopped blogging all together and started reading, listening to podcasts, and learning as much as I possibly can about making money passively online.

Here are some specific things that I know from the last month without writing a blog post.

Content Mistake

Content Is Not Just King, Quality Content Is King

What I mean to say is the content mistake I made was quantity over quality. I heard about pod casters like Entrepreneur on Fire (Affiliate Link) or Srinivas Rao of Blogcast FM who was on Smart Passive Income. John Lee Dumas is podcasting every day and Srinivas talked about writing 1000 words a day!

After first hearing about these daily habits, I wanted to subscribe to this methodology, that if I just wrote a little bit each and every day, I would some how make some money. Well, that’s not exactly the case for a lot of reasons, and the first reason is that you need an audience.

If no one is reading your content or participating in your community, you have made a huge content mistake. It doesn’t matter how many times you write or publish a blog post. Instead, focus on an ultra compelling and informative piece of content, and let the quality do the talking.

What I’ve learned is that you should spend more time actually writing a quality piece, and then strategically promoting it accordingly.

Learn What Your Audience Wants To Hear, Not Simply What You Want To Write

It’s not all about me. It is about the audience.

Others matter more than myself.

Listening to others is so important.

Giving up pride, humbling yourself, and being patient are key ingredients to being successful in these three areas.

So then the next question is, “How do I listen to my audience, and how do I even get an audience to start with.”

The first thing is to write quality content and promote it to people who need it. Or vice versa, talk to people and listen to their problems and develop content to address a specific issue.

What Is Next?

Now that I have realized that I have made a mistake, I am going to formally withdraw myself from my own challenge. Bold and brave as it may be, I cannot commit to writing quality content each and every day.

However, I am still sticking to my 100 Days of Happiness Challenge. Every day when I wake up, I think about something that makes me happy or something specific that I am thank

7 Thoughts I Learned On A Random Tuesday

Formal Education Is Important

If the market crashes and everyone is out of their jobs, the few jobs that are left will be looking for smart, educated people. Having a graduate degree and/or doctorate is one way to show that on paper.

Area of Focus Is More Important

What education says is that you had the ability to focus on a certain area and really put in the time and effort that it took to get something done.

Having a specific area of focus is even more important. What are you an expert in? What is is that you specialize in. Be passionate about one area and that will take you far down the road.

Startups Are Risky

This is completely obvious, but a startup is tremendously risky and the statistics show that not very many of them are actually profitable in the long run.

What kind of risks are you wiling to take and how much risk are you willing to tackle?

Large Corporations Are More Secure

The opposite of risky startups is risk adverse corporations. Large corporations simply have the experience and time investment.

Also, they provide an environment for people who need to support families, mortgages, and other liabilities.

Nothing Comes For Free

Anything worth having or pursuing really does not come for free. It takes time, hard work, and lots of effort to make something come together.

There is no such thing as a handout. Everything has a consequence and costs something to somebody. This is the same concept as everything has energy.

Know What You Want

Nobody knows what they want, so how am I supposed to know what I want and then chase it? But I have to know and plan for what it is that I want.

This applies to what I want in my career, what I want in my life, and what I want in my personal growth. All three are equally important.

Never Let Rejection Control You

We make mistakes every day. Understanding why things happen at their core and what causes them to happen is a great way to get a hold of your life.

Realizing why something happened is a great way to address it and change for next time.

3 Reasons Expectations Determine Success



1. Expectations Improve Communication

Yes, expectations improve communication. If you set the right expectations with the people around you, your communication will dramatically improve. Think about it the other way around too, if you improve your communication, expectations naturally follow.

Why is communication so important? It’s important because that is how we develop relationships with other people. Another reason why communication is important because it involves the stories that we tell ourselves and others.

2. Expectations Determine Our Reputation

How does everyone know you? If your friends, family, and colleagues had to describe you in 3 words, what would they say? Would you expect their responses to be favorable?

First impressions are an example of setting expectations with someone. In business or in your personal life, having a great first impression could take 20 seconds. After that first impression, you can never change the first impression. So make it a good one!

brudtärna klänningar brudtärna bröllop blir ett problem att överväga om du vill ha en brudtärna söt nog, men också behöver bröllopet

3. Expectations Set You Up For Success

If you have read my blog, you know that I firmly believe that success starts with a mindset. No matter how you define success or find value, expectations will help you get there.

This is so simple, but if you are having a hard time understanding, let me paint a clear picture for you. If you tell your mother that you will be over for dinner at 6pm and show up at 6:30pm, she will be very disappointed. However, if you tell your mother that you will show up for dinner at 6:00pm and then arrive at 5:45pm with flowers and chocolate, her response will be completely different.

In the first scenario, depending on your mother, she could be very worried, upset, or angry. But in the second scenario where you show up early, you set an expectation with her and then exceeded that expectation.

Always Exceed Expectations

If you take one thing away from this post, learn to exceed expectations. Since you have the ability to set most expectations, set ones that you can exceed. Not only will you feel good about mini victories and small wins, but you will also make someone else happy.

It doesn’t have to be about your mother or arriving at her house for dinner. It could be about arriving early for an interview or sending out an agenda for a meeting ahead of time. There is a personal and professional application to each of these concepts so I hope that you took something away from it.

What is one way that you have exceeded someone’s expectations? Please post in the comments below!

Top 5 Reasons to Start a Blog


Blogging is a great way to express yourself. So why haven’t you started your own blog? Is it too difficult to put one together? Have you not made any time for blogging? Below you can find my top 5 reasons why I think everyone who wants to be successful should blog.

1. Blogging relieves stress.

That’s right, believe it or not, verbalizing your thoughts and feelings especially on paper will help you to vocalize yourself. Sometimes, the mere act of writing something down helps you to realize the truth about your words. This can provide further insight into a new perspective that may not have crossed your mind. According to Blog Herald’s article “Why Blogging Can Relieve Stress, blogging leads to reduced stress.

2. Blogging keeps you connected.

Since the world became more connected, it is harder and harder to access people. What if there was a single place where everyone knows where to find you? Try blogging! Not only can you connect with friends and family who may have not kept up with the latest you, others on the net might find your writing interesting as well!

3. Blogging expands your creativity.

Blogging forces you to think and document those thoughts. Communication skills develop quicker when you blog.

Want to stay up to date on the latest trends? Writing a blog forces you to stay up to date.

4. Blogging develops good habits.

At the beginning of every year, people traditionally make resolutions. What happens after a couple of weeks? Those resolutions go right out the door! Blogging regularly will help you form habits and stick to them! Now you can keep track of your goals and ideas in blog format!

5. Blogging opens doors.

Blogging creates opportunities for you that you might not have had before. Through blogging, you will become more confident in expressing your thoughts. With the connected life we live, you can blog from anywhere! Now you can make a difference in people’s lives while fulfilling your own.


Do you have what it takes to start blogging? Why not start today? Put aside the inhibitions you may have had for so long. You can go to and start your free blog today! The audience will eventually come, but starting today is the first step you can take toward liberating both your thoughts and your ideas! For me, I have wanted to journal and blog for the longest time, and now I finally stepped to the plate. If you decide to start blogging, why don’t you let me know! Tweet me @DavidGoecke or post a comment.