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Learn To Quickly Think On Your Feet

Impromptu Speeches in High School I will never forget my speech class in high school. You walked in on the first day of class and sat down at your school desk looking up at your speech teacher wondering what lame speeches you would have to give that day. Everyone had to take the class since Read More

I Was Right, Things Can Wait

Follow Your Instincts I was right about last night! In my stream of consciousness post I was simply documenting my thoughts for the day and into the night. For the first time in a while, I decided to stop what I was doing, and go to bed. In fact, the last words of my post were Read More

Setting Routines Lead To Success in Personal & Business Life

Routine Lessons From A Friend Many years ago a business friend of mine, from a very warm sunny place with a beach, taught me about routine. His name was James and he taught me about routine in the way he fed his pets. Every morning at 8 a.m. he would set out tuna on small pieces Read More

Things Take Time

Things Take Time This might seem very obvious, but things take time. Commitment to Time If you want to make a commitment anything, it’s going to take time. What that means is that you have to invest personal time to get something done. For example starting a business requires a significant amount of time. In Read More

Do Things Right The First Time

I’ve warned you, stream of consciousness post. Why? I’m glad you asked. Although it seems obvious, too many times I observe people like to take the “quick and dirty” route. They want to get something done but they don’t want to take the time it takes to do it right. What Happens? You probably already Read More