Things Take Time

Things Take Time

This might seem very obvious, but things take time.

Commitment to Time

If you want to make a commitment anything, it’s going to take time. What that means is that you have to invest personal time to get something done. For example starting a business requires a significant amount of time. In other words, creating success takes investment. That investment is time. To create this time you may sacrifice a lot of things in your life. What that also means is that you have to prioritize the items that are important. I wrote another post about prioritization and doing things right the first time.

I talk about find what’s most important in doing that first period well if you want to get something done and you want to accomplish not then you need to prioritize as number 1 and make a commitment to completing it.

Personal Commitments Requiring Time

Personally I made a commitment to blogging 365 times this year. That was a very strong commitment I made for myself. I think the reason it’s been difficult is because I haven’t earmarked enough time to complete this task every day. And that is why routine is so important.

Having a routine for your personal commitments are a huge factor to actually accomplishing them.

For example one of the authors that I listen to writes 1000 words every morning.  It’s almost like waking up and starting meditation. You want to wake up and start the most important task the first thing after you wake up.  After you accomplished that task in the morning then you can work on the rest of the day.

Why Time Is Important

The next thing I want to talk about is time. It is our most valuable asset and our most limited resource. Some people have all the time in the world but do not use their time wisely. How do you use your time? How do you make the most of every minute?

Setting a schedule and a routine helps you accomplish your goals. Whether you want to reach a personal goal or accomplish something in your career, both of these take time.

What I am starting to realize is that if you want to do something right and you want to do something well, you have to invest mind power and time. Perhaps making a commitment to 365 blogs was a bit zealous. And I am very tempted to write quickly and without purpose. But I quickly hasten to write posts, what is the point if they do not make me think or make me consider the reason for writing.