Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes

russell wilson stay active

Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes

photo by seahawks

Stay Active

According to Seattle Seahawks super bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson, staying active is the best thing you can do to achieve success. He has definitely stayed active with the catch phrases. Each of them have unique meaning and listening to Russell, you start to understand his winning mentality.

  • “The separation is in the preparation”
  • “100 yards is 100 yards”
  • “Ignore the noise”
  • “Every game is a championship game, and we have to go 1-0 every week”
  • “There’s no time to sleep”

Russell could be a motivational speaker all by himself just with these sound bytes from his press conferences! The main point is that he’s always trying to stay active. He hardly drinks any coffee too! Even though he lives in Seattle and has a Starbucks machine, he doesn’t drink much coffee.

There’s No Time For Sleep

Champions do not sleep, at least not during the week. According to Russell, he works hard Monday through Thursday with 5-6 hours of sleep, usually 6 hours. Then, when Friday comes he sleeps in a little bit. And on Saturday, he gets 10-12 hours of sleep. This sounds like a little bit of a routine, which I just got done writing about recently.

What is he doing during the week? He’s “putting in the work” which means he’s grinding out meetings and action. You can really tell by the way that Wilson talks that he hustles during the week and prepares for his games by staying mentally tough.

You’ve heard of the phrase, “I can sleep when I die.” Well Russell Wilson just sleeps on the weekends. It’s is so obvious to me that success requires mental toughness and perseverance to keep at something even if it’s tough. Hard work pays off and if anything, builds tremendous character.

Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes (K.T.N.)

What? Football players take notes! I have never heard of this before, even though I’ve heard about football players study film over and over in preparation for a big game.

However, after hearing that Russell Wilson tells his team mates to “Keep Taking Notes”, or “K.T.N.” all the pieces come together. Why? This is one of the ways he stays active both physically and mentally. He’s moving his body in taking notes, but also exercising his mind to continue staying focused.

“That keeps my drive there, even when you’re taking notes on something that you’ve already taken notes on a million times – keep taking notes.” -Russell Wilson


Routine Requires Discipline and Accountability

You may have noticed that the blog has not been updated in the past week. I have to say it’s been an extremely busy week for me.

Although I haven’t blogged, I have been thinking about a number of topics to post about and I plan to do that in the next day or two and over the weekend. I’ve been in complete learning mode. I’m learning from my mentors and advisors, my friends and peers, and the people that I follow and listen to. Alongside that I’ve been doing a lot of reading and learning about these topics.

This post is about routine and how developing good habits requires both accountability and discipline. In order to stick to the commitment you need someone or something to keep you accountable. What this means is that someone holds you responsible for the actions that you have promised. Discipline is the effort and perseverance it takes to continue to do those action day in and day out.

Because the United States of America is built on a society of instant gratification, this discipline might be much harder than in a nation where the citizens work hard and regard working hard highly. I was listening to a psychology podcast the other day about business leadership and goal setting. Some bloggers proclaim that sharing their goals on their blog is what keeps them accountable because they are now responsible to their audience to complete the actions they committed to.

However the expert psychologist that I listen to said that the feeling of accomplishment came from talking about the goal instead of actually doing it. For example posting about a goal to complete a marathon is just as rewarding as actually accomplishing the goal itself. As a result people post their goals on their blog but they never actually do the action that they have committed to.

Perhaps that is maybe what happened to me. Although I do not have a large readership or reader base on my blog yet, I realize that the goal setting was primarily for myself. However writing is very difficult and doing something consistently for the same on a time during the same period of the day is very difficult.

What I further realize is that sometimes in order to get something done you just have to get started and that often starting is much more difficult than you ever imagined. In a world where social media and e-mail rule our lives, it is very easy to get distracted in start doing something else when that is less important than the task at hand. .

So instead of striving to make every single post on this blog perfectly written, I will continue to write but I’m learning about business, marketing, start-ups, and finance.


Take Baby Steps Toward Real Progress

baby steps on beach white pure

baby steps on beach white pure

I’ll be very transparent; what was I thinking with this whole 365 blog posts in a year? This is a whole lot harder than I thought! So here’s what’s on my mind. After this blog post, I’ll be 2 blog posts behind and that’s before tomorrow. To be caught up I would need to then write 4 blog posts by tomorrow evening to be right on track.

I Even Wrote A Post About Planning!

That’s right. I even wrote a post about planning ahead of time which helps prevent fear by acting against fear. So what am I afraid of? Well writing is hard. Finding the right images to go with my post is even harder. So maybe part of my planning needs to include a routine time when I can write my blog posts.

Start With Baby Steps

In order to plan a routine, make a habit, and truly change behavior you have to start with something super small. As adults, we walk normally and do not even think twice about walking. But there was a time when we were a baby and had to take each and every step extremely slowly.

So why not return to that state of infancy and care. Why not take a small baby step toward the right direction and before I know it, I’ll be walking and perhaps even running in the right direction. Each step in the right direction is a step in the right direction, right?

Focus On Each Step, Not The Marathon

Running a marathon is not about all 26.2 miles on the day of the race. It is about day in and day out of preparation through training. On the day of the race, the marathon is about taking each step toward accomplishing your goal. You cannot focus on the overwhelming 26 miles that you have to run. Instead, you have to focus on each and every step that will help you get to where you want to go.

So routines are kind of like marathons. You have to plan for them, train consistently, and focus on every step that helps you get to your goal.

Get Started!

It is so true, getting started is half the battle. Once you start something, the momentum it took to start up will continue and carry you through the majority of the task. For me, writing is a way to clear my mind and express myself through written words. Eventually I want to continue providing value to a larger reader base. Practicing this writing will get me one step closer to that goal. One day, I want to speak to a 100,000 people in a stadium on personal growth, personal finance, and business.

The awesome thing about baby steps is that you can change direction really easily. When you are running, it might be hard to take a sharp turn. But if you are walking slowly or very intently, you can easily pivot and turn if you need to. The same is true with goals. If you are heading toward a goal, and reach an obstacle all you have to do is take a baby step in the right direction. Reflection and feedback is a great way to understand when to take the next turn.

Random Acts of Inspiration


random acts of inspiration

You never know when you will have the opportunity for a random act, but today, I was in the middle of a call. When I finished the conversation and looked up, a colleague of mine was sitting across the room at a Starbucks. I said, “Hi” and the conversation that ensued was specifically inspiring and motivating. That’s why I posted the tweet below.

Random Acts of Inspiration Tweet

So I asked myself, what actually inspires me? And what does inspiration really mean?

What Does “Inspiration” Really Mean?

For me, it’s that moment when you have the right amount of coffee, you have completed your daily meditation, and your mind is free to think about the impossible. It is a strong sense of mental stimulation to do something creative. Growing up in a family with a strong emphasis on faith, I was taught that our Creator was inspired when He created humans. That is the type of inspiration I want to know more about and experience more often.

What Actually Inspires Me?

So the next natural question is obvious, what inspires me? After thinking about this for some time, I think the act of giving inspires me. Specifically, giving value to others in a way that when they receive or experience that value, they smile. In short, I am inspired to make people smile.

But mentorship and learning from motivated and driven people also inspire me. Believe it or not, Wikipedia defines mentorship really well.

Mentorship is a personal developmental relationship in which a more experienced or more knowledgeable person helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. The person in receipt of mentorship may be referred to as a protégé (male), a protégée (female), an apprentice or, in recent years, a mentee.

In other words, being the apprentice of my mentors is something that inspires me because it allows me to learn from those people who are driven to be successful.

What Inspires YOU?

Deciding to write this blog has been tremendously inspiring. In case you don’t know, I made a commitment to write 365 blogs in 52 weeks and I’m currently on blog number 4. What I really want to do is include my friends, family, and colleagues on this journey as I discover myself and what’s valuable to the people around me. So I must ask. What Inspires You? Please share in the comments below!

Commitment to 365 blog posts in 52 weeks

Commitment to 365 blog posts in 52 weeks

This is the type of commitment that happened one day after I woke up and decided to do it. Most people wait until their birthday, others might wait until New Years resolutions. August 18th came and I simply decided to write 365 blogs in the next 52 weeks. Notice, I didn’t say that I would write one blog a day, but rather 365 over the next year.

What Does This Mean for David Goecke?

It means that my thoughts about business, life, and the world will start to work its way into a readable format online. SO many people have written successful articles and books so I do not want to re-invent the wheel. Instead, I’d rather leverage existing resources to further my discussion and I hope that you will become involved with the conversation.

Passions and Topics of Interest?

I’m glad you asked. Finding your passion and areas of interest and truly understanding yourself is the first step toward happiness. Many have no clue what makes them happy or joyful. To some, happiness may stem from their faith, family or friends. For others, work is truly their passion. For me, it is a mix of both for I believe that a well balanced life is a happy life. Without further a due, below is a topic of personal interests and passions.

  • Personal Finance
  • Cooking and Health
  • Yoga and Fitness
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Motorcycles and Fast Cars
  • Leadership and Motivation
  • Travel and Culture
  • Purpose and Psychology
  • People and Events
  • Style
  • Graphic Design and Technology

Tell Me About Your Passions!

Over the course of the next year, I am motivated and excited to embark on a writing journey that hopefully leads me to my own definition of value, success, and happiness. Now tell me about you! What makes you happy and what are you passionate about?