Do Things Right The First Time

I’ve warned you, stream of consciousness post. Why? I’m glad you asked. Although it seems obvious, too many times I observe people like to take the “quick and dirty” route. They want to get something done but they don’t want to take the time it takes to do it right. What Happens? You probably already Read More

Knowledge Is Power

I will never forget my my 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr. Mitchell. He graded all of our essays in thick red ink and taught us to think on a global scale. He had this thick laugh that resonated throughout the halls with a sense of authority and command. “Knowledge Is Power” Tee-shirts Mr. Mitchell liked Read More

Take Baby Steps Toward Real Progress

I’ll be very transparent; what was I thinking with this whole 365 blog posts in a year? This is a whole lot harder than I thought! So here’s what’s on my mind. After this blog post, I’ll be 2 blog posts behind and that’s before tomorrow. To be caught up I would need to then Read More


It’s nice outside. I have tons to do today. But I made a commitment to blog at least 365 times this year so I wanted to write about something many people don’t think about or give a lot of importance to. Why Planning? Perhaps too many people use the phrase strategic planning when they are building Read More

Life Is All About Perspective

Life is all about perspective. It’s Friday, it’s sunny. Today started out in probably the worst way it’s started out in a long time. But if I change my perspective to something positive, perhaps I can look at the start of my day and say “At least it can only get better from here.” Have Read More

Random Acts of Inspiration

You never know when you will have the opportunity for a random act, but today, I was in the middle of a call. When I finished the conversation and looked up, a colleague of mine was sitting across the room at a Starbucks. I said, “Hi” and the conversation that ensued was specifically inspiring and Read More

What Does FREEDOM Mean To You?

Freedom means so many different things to so many different people. I tried to be creative and put in a search for “Freedom” at and found a lot of different pictures that convey the idea of freedom. There are photos of chains being broken. Others were signs of free shipping. Another was a picture Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Using Instagram Online

Ever since Facebook bought Instagram for 1B dollars, acquisitions have blown up like crazy! You have companies like Snapchat and Whatsapp coming out of the woodwork like nobody’s business and setting outrageous purchase prices. But that’s not what we are here to talk about. We are here to talk about how to use Instagram Online. Over Read More

Commitment to 365 blog posts in 52 weeks

This is the type of commitment that happened one day after I woke up and decided to do it. Most people wait until their birthday, others might wait until New Years resolutions. August 18th came and I simply decided to write 365 blogs in the next 52 weeks. Notice, I didn’t say that I would Read More

Tackle The Hard Things First!

I’m writing this post because something dawned upon me. The only way to tackle your fears is to take action! Nike figured it out when they coined the slogan, “Just Do It!” Sometimes you just have to get up and get started. Stop Making Excuses and Just Get Started Excuses are so easy to make. “I’m Read More

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