3 Reasons Why Today Is A New Beginning

There are 3 reasons why each day is a new beginning.

1. New Day, New Goals

Each day is a new day. Set new goals to accomplish for that day.


Chunking is simply the concept of breaking something up into smaller parts so you can digest it. Chunking helps.

2. Your Body Needs Rest

You are not super man and so many entrepreneurs get into this “superman syndrome” thinking that they can do everything. Time is our most valuable resource and our bodies are temples.

Treat your body well and get the rest that you deserve to function well.

3. Forget Fear, Stay Motivated

As hard as it may be, forget the fears of yesterday and focus on the bright future of tomorrow.

Staying motivated means forcing yourself to think positive thoughts and stay pumped throughout the day.weddingdressonlineshop
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Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes

russell wilson stay active

Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes

photo by seahawks

Stay Active

According to Seattle Seahawks super bowl champion quarterback Russell Wilson, staying active is the best thing you can do to achieve success. He has definitely stayed active with the catch phrases. Each of them have unique meaning and listening to Russell, you start to understand his winning mentality.

  • “The separation is in the preparation”
  • “100 yards is 100 yards”
  • “Ignore the noise”
  • “Every game is a championship game, and we have to go 1-0 every week”
  • “There’s no time to sleep”

Russell could be a motivational speaker all by himself just with these sound bytes from his press conferences! The main point is that he’s always trying to stay active. He hardly drinks any coffee too! Even though he lives in Seattle and has a Starbucks machine, he doesn’t drink much coffee.

There’s No Time For Sleep

Champions do not sleep, at least not during the week. According to Russell, he works hard Monday through Thursday with 5-6 hours of sleep, usually 6 hours. Then, when Friday comes he sleeps in a little bit. And on Saturday, he gets 10-12 hours of sleep. This sounds like a little bit of a routine, which I just got done writing about recently.

What is he doing during the week? He’s “putting in the work” which means he’s grinding out meetings and action. You can really tell by the way that Wilson talks that he hustles during the week and prepares for his games by staying mentally tough.

You’ve heard of the phrase, “I can sleep when I die.” Well Russell Wilson just sleeps on the weekends. It’s is so obvious to me that success requires mental toughness and perseverance to keep at something even if it’s tough. Hard work pays off and if anything, builds tremendous character.

Russell Wilson Keep Taking Notes (K.T.N.)

What? Football players take notes! I have never heard of this before, even though I’ve heard about football players study film over and over in preparation for a big game.

However, after hearing that Russell Wilson tells his team mates to “Keep Taking Notes”, or “K.T.N.” all the pieces come together. Why? This is one of the ways he stays active both physically and mentally. He’s moving his body in taking notes, but also exercising his mind to continue staying focused.

“That keeps my drive there, even when you’re taking notes on something that you’ve already taken notes on a million times – keep taking notes.” -Russell Wilson


Learn To Quickly Think On Your Feet

Impromptu Speeches in High School

I will never forget my speech class in high school. You walked in on the first day of class and sat down at your school desk looking up at your speech teacher wondering what lame speeches you would have to give that day. Everyone had to take the class since it was a required course to pass high school and so you could imagine that there was a boredom in the air on the first day.

What the teacher told us next, I will never forget. “Today you will be giving a 1 minute impromptu speech.” We had barely sat down and gotten situated on the first day of class and we were going to give a speech on the first day? Half of us didn’t even know what an impromptu speech was!

“Here’s how it’s going to work. Each of you will have 1 minute to give a speech on a topic that I randomly choose. I will cut you off after 1 minutes for the next person” he explained. Well, there happened to be 45 students in the class and each class was 50 minutes long so just enough time for everyone to go. Secretly, I was hoping there’d be enough retaliation to the idea that class would stall or maybe some mischievous student would pull the fire alarm so we could waste time during a fire drill.

Where I Learned About 3 Points From

Yes, we all survived that first day in speech class. What the teacher went on to demonstrate was how to quickly think on your feet and how to tell a compelling story. One way to structure an impromptu speech was to pick 3 sub topics. Each sub topic would relate back to the main story. Add an introduction and a conclusion and you could write a speech on just about any topic.

The most valuable thing I learned from that class was to quickly come up with a speech on any topic that he picked. This creative exercise forced me to tell stories and relate them to a specific topic. Not only did this improve my communication skills, but it helped me to understand that people like to group things into threes.

Today, whenever I have to think on my feet, I am reminded of that speech class. It never hurts to be able to learn quickly and think on your feet.

I Was Right, Things Can Wait

things can wait time

things can wait time

Follow Your Instincts

I was right about last night! In my stream of consciousness post I was simply documenting my thoughts for the day and into the night.

For the first time in a while, I decided to stop what I was doing, and go to bed. In fact, the last words of my post were “Some things can not wait. Most things can.” And I was right! Even though I felt very tense about going to bed with such a long task list, the sleep was definitely worth it.

The 80 20 Rule

Lately, I have had this tremendous burden of accomplishing everything before I go to bed. But reflecting on what I have learned over the past couple of months, it is that 80% of the important work can be accomplished with 20% of the effort. In other words, the 20% of my day that makes up 80% of my productivity, tackle that 20% at a very minimum.

Even this concept is what Tim Ferris of 40 Hour Work Week discusses. The concept is simply to tackle the very most important items on the top of your list and then, according to Tim, outsource the rest.

Be Thoughtful

Perhaps the biggest thing I have learned in the past 24 hours is to be thoughtful. Determine what’s the most important task and whether or not it can wait. In other words, do you put something on pause because you think it can wait, or do you do something right away because it is the absolute most important thing you need to get done.

Take care of yourself and focus on your health. Getting sleep, eating well, and regular exercise are perhaps some of the most important things you can put into your routine to set yourself up for success.


Steam of Consciousness 9/9 at 11:11

The time is 11:11 pm and I just made a wish. It’s September 9th and I’m writing a post completely stream of consciousness.

People are so complex!

Anything worth pursuing takes such a heavy investment of time and patience.

You can not help someone if you do not understand their true problem. What is really causing the pain?

Quality furniture is very heavy.

Sometimes strictly organized people need just a little bit of messy in their life to balance everything out.

Perfect balance is very difficult to achieve. So what does that say about compromise?

Things always cost more than you were expecting.

Things always take more time than you were expecting.

If you are planning something, triple the money and double the time.

Never be afraid of who you are and be yourself. But at the same time, understand who you are before you tell everyone who you are.

Keep friends close, keep enemies closer. Visit with acquaintances at the same time.

Sometimes you have to end the day/night and get sleep.

Some things can not wait. Most things can.